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  • Cassia Siamea2

    Cassia Siamea


    For a good night sleep

    Cassia Siamea has a good effect against the bacteria proteus vulgaris, a known cause of urinary tract infections and wound infections. It have also been confirmed that it has anti malarial properties. But the most significant is the effect it has for insomnia. More powerful than valerian root and passionflower. In contrast to its pharmaceutical counterparts, Cassia Siamea does not produce side effects or toxicity, has no lethal dose, and above all does not lead to dependency (addiction). Cassia Siamea is also a first class psycho pharmaceutical.

  • Centella Asiatica

    GOTU KOLA (Centella Asiatica)


    Centella asiatica have been used in the orient since before recorded time. But only recently have  western research, through numerous clinical trials, revealed that Centella asiatica is an extremely important herb with amazing abilities.

    The benefits of Centella asiatica are hard to believe, but have been proven in impressive studies. While the most common use of Centella asiatica is for skin repair and renewal, it has also been found to be useful for a whole host of maladies, including stress, asthma, hemorrhoids and even leprosy. The more you learn about Centella asiatica, the more it becomes clear that every person can benefit from it.

  • Tilted Graviola leaf extract 120 ml

    Graviola liquid extract


    This incredible tree is native to Amazonas, but has over the years spread out around the tropical zones of the world. The natives of south America have used the fruit, bark and leaves of the tree for centuries. Ongoing studies into the health benefits of Graviola may reveal this natural elixir as a possible cancer treatment. The extract from the leaves has also been used as a mood enhancer, because of its ability to stimulate the serotonin uptake in the brain. Graviola leaves extract can be used to treat, cleanse and support the liver, treat catarrh, and are considered anthelmintic, antidiuretic, anti-asthmatic and digestive.