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    Banner Protein capsule 18 amino acids 30 capsules


    Amino acids are at the basis of all life processes, as they are absolutely essential for every metabolic process.

    Protein is considered the Holy Grail of sustenance; especially for those who are fitness inclined.  Put simply, proteins are worth the sum of their parts. Our systems require amino acids; they are the fundamental building blocks of our tissues and the singular component of protein. All amino acids are important to our health, but it is particularly necessary to ingest essential amino acids (i.e., those our body is unable to naturally produce).

  • Cissus quadrangularis3

    Cissus Quadrangularis 100 capsules


    The ancient remedy for osteoporosis

    Cissus Quadrangularis is a succulent vine from Africa and Asia. It is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in South East Asia, and is also used in traditional African and Ayurvedic medicine. Every part of this amazing, versatile plant can be used as medicine. Cissus Quadrangularis is used for diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. It has also shown to be effective in healing broken bones, osteoporosis, cancer, scurvy, upset stomach, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori infection and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, painful menstruation, asthma, and pain. Cissus Quadrangularis is also used in bodybuilding supplements as an alternative to anabolic steroids.

  • Capsules Coconut oil

    Coconut extract capsules


    Defense against Alzheimers

    Not only does coconut oil improve cholesterol levels, scientists said the way it helps the brains of some Alzheimer’s patients can even be extended to people with Parkinson’s disease, ALS, epilepsy, dementia, even schizophrenia and autism.

    Coconut oil also kills bacteria, making it a natural antibiotic without the negative side effects.

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    Coconut oil 500 ml


    Extra virgin natural coconut oil is perfect for your body; both outside ind inside. It contains all the important medium-chain fatty acids your body needs.

    Coconut oil promotes weight loss. Researchers have discovered that besides coconut oil not increasing body fat, it in fact produces a reduction in white fat stores.

    In addition to its potential healing properties for your internal health, coconut oil makes for an exceptional skin moisturizer. First of all, it doesn’t contain any of the carcinogenic chemicals that are found in many commercial moisturizers. Secondly, coconut oil is easily absorbed into your skin, where it can help to prevent free radical damage, wrinkling, and sagging.  It may even be able to restore strength to the underlying connective tissue.

    Virgin coconut oil derived through a “wet-milling” process. With this method, the oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat without drying the coconut meat first. “Coconut milk” is expressed first by pressing it out of the wet coconut meat. The oil is then further separated from the water. Methods which can be used to separate the oil from the water include boiling, fermentation, refrigeration, enzymes, and mechanical centrifuge, like this one from Oriental Nature.

  • Cordyceps L

    Cordyceps with Angelica Sinensis & Soy protein isolate 36 capsules

    3 out of 5

    A very beneficial combination for females.

    Cordyceps sinensis burst into the limelight back in 1993, when the sporting world was amazed by the multiple world records et by Chinese female athletes trained by Mr. Ma Jun Ren, during the 7th Chinese National Athletic Championship in China. Drug testing showed no traces of illegal substances, so sporting industry around the world started to pay very close attention to how these athletes were trained and what they consumed. They found that there were no special training schemes or methods, but after each training session, every athlete would consume a special drink, which contained Cordyceps. It seems that one of the effects of this herb is to enhance the body’s metabolism thus allowing the body to eliminate waste substances and rejuvenate at a much faster rate.

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    Evening primrose oil 1000 mg


    Evening primrose oil (EPO) comes from the seed of the evening primrose plant and is great for skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. EPO is used in pregnancy for preventing preeclampsia, starting and shortening labor and preventing late deliveries. Women use evening primrose oil to fight PMS, breast pain, endometriosis, symptoms of menopause and hot flashes.Evening primrose is commonly called Oenothera, “The King’s cure-all,” which is reflected in the wide range of its healing attributes that just goes on and on. In addition to the benefits listed above, EPO is used for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, Raynaud’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, ADD, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, asthma, cancer, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetic nerve damage, dyspraxia, heart disease, hyperactivity, leg pain, neurodermatitis, obesity and weight loss, whooping cough, and gastrointestinal disorders including ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and peptic ulcer disease.

    EPO is converted to a hormone-like substance called prostaglandin E1 which has anti-inflammatory properties that act as both a blood thinner and blood vessel dilator.

  • Garcinia

    Garcinia Cambogia

    1 out of 5

    The fat buster

    Garcinia is believed to boost the immune system, lower elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, and help to protect the body against cancer. Like many natural products, more clinical research is needed to scientifically confirm these findings. However, some smaller research studies have found supporting evidence of these benefits in animals.

  • Garlig capsules2

    Garlic Extract Tablet


    For the love of your heart

    There is an endless amount of information on all the benefits of garlic. In one of the most common ailments in the world, high blood pressure, it turns out one can control this condition better by adding garlic supplement to the conventional medication, and reduce hypertension with another 10 %. You could eat the real thing, but if you cook it, it will destroy the active ingredient, Allicin.

  • Garlic extract 120 ml

    Garlic liquid extract


    Garlic is probably the most recognized medicinal herb on the planet. Much has been written on the healing effects of garlic, and new studies are continually being published throughout the world. Garlic is one of the most researched of all plant medicines.

    Scientific data reveals that garlic reduces glucose metabolism in diabetics, slows the development of arteriosclerosis and lowers the risk of heart attacks. Without a doubt, garlic provides the body with protection against cardiovascular disease.

  • Garlic oil

    Garlic oil 100 capsules


    There is an endless amount of information on all the benefits of garlic. In one of the most common ailments in the world, high blood pressure, it turns out one can control this condition better by adding garlic supplement to the conventional medication, and reduce hypertension with another 10 %. You could eat the real thing, but if you cook it, it will destroy the active ingredient, Allicin.

  • Centella Asiatica

    GOTU KOLA (Centella Asiatica)


    Centella asiatica have been used in the orient since before recorded time. But only recently have  western research, through numerous clinical trials, revealed that Centella asiatica is an extremely important herb with amazing abilities.

    The benefits of Centella asiatica are hard to believe, but have been proven in impressive studies. While the most common use of Centella asiatica is for skin repair and renewal, it has also been found to be useful for a whole host of maladies, including stress, asthma, hemorrhoids and even leprosy. The more you learn about Centella asiatica, the more it becomes clear that every person can benefit from it.

  • Gynostemma3

    Gynostemma (Jiaougulan) 100 capsules


    In the 1970s the Chinese government asked scientists to research the unusually large number of centenarians in the small mountain provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi and Shicuan. In addition to unusual longevity the researchers found low incidences of many common ailments associated with aging including, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s and cancer. After over 10 years of study they found one common thread. A plant the locals called “xiancao” or the “immortality plant.” The villagers drank it several times a day simply because it tasted good and is naturally sweet. Researchers discovered in the lab that this simple mountain herb had much more to offer than just good taste.

    It is described by the local inhabitants in the Guizhou Province as the “immortality herb”, because people, where Gynostemma are consumed regularly, are said to have a history of unusual longevity.