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  • Papaya leaf extract 120 ml (2)

    Papaya leaf liquid extract

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    The only known cure for dengue fever

    Papaya leaf contains healthy properties such as flavonols, which are a class of flavonoids with antioxidant activities, calcium, healthy fats, papain and vitamin C. To regulate health, papaya leaf can be consumed regularly as a steamed or raw vegetable, juice, extract or infusion. Consuming large qualities of any form of papaya leaf can result in a laxative effect.

    Recent lab research at the University of Florida has revealed anticancer properties, specifically in cases of breast, pancreas, cervical and liver cancer, in papaya leaf extract and extract teas. Extracts and extract teas slowed tumor growth more significantly with larger quantities. Although this research is recent, throughout the last four decades, cancer patients across the globe claim to have cured themselves by consuming papaya leaves and Papaya leaf extract.