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20 Flower blooming tea balls

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20 Different chinese handmade flower blooming tea balls


Surprise your friends with a pot of  beautiful,delicious blooming tea.

Artistic tea, also call it Blooming tea or Flowering tea.

From China Fujian, handmade, natural selection of quality flowers and tea

Tea Flower in a Clear Teapot Flower tea1

Product Description

Tea Flower in a Clear Teapot

Brewing method:

Tea brewing water temperature requirements: 100 degrees, can make tea styling fully developed.
Recommend the use of high 10cm, diameter 6cm, transparent, glass cups. Can fully display handmade floral art form.
Add 1/3 boiling water into the cup. Wait around 20 seconds to let the dry tea get wet, then add the rest 2/3 boiling water.
(The first brewing temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, the second brewing temperature should be lower, otherwise, the water temperature is easy to burn)
Wait 2-3 minutes,Watch Art flowers slowly bloom.Until completion of the bloom.
Resistant to brew is handmade tea a major feature, 1pcs can brew 4-6 times.

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