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For a good night sleep

Cassia Siamea has a good effect against the bacteria proteus vulgaris, a known cause of urinary tract infections and wound infections. It have also been confirmed that it has anti malarial properties. But the most significant is the effect it has for insomnia. More powerful than valerian root and passionflower. In contrast to its pharmaceutical counterparts, Cassia Siamea does not produce side effects or toxicity, has no lethal dose, and above all does not lead to dependency (addiction). Cassia Siamea is also a first class psycho pharmaceutical.

Product Description

Anxiety & insomnia

The leaves of Cassia Siamea have been used in Thai and Burmese cooking for generations. The active compound is called Barakol, and has a relaxing effect. There are reports of muscle relaxant action similar to benzodiazepam. Muscular convulsions are calmed, as the effect allows the smooth muscle fiber to close. Cassia Siamea functions as an excellent tranquillizer and has also been described as an anxiolytic (anti anxiety agent). Furthermore, it has some analgesic (pain killing) and diuretic (promoting the removal of excess fluid) properties.

Cassia Siamea is deemed to be a safe product, particularly when it is used in its natural form (not denaturalized) and is taken in an alcohol dilution. According to some experts can Cassia Siamea in powder form be a good alternative for hyperactive children. Some parents may prefer natural remedies before they give their children heavy pharmaceutical chemicals.


Several studies confirm that Cassia Siamea lowers blood pressure and blood glucose. It is also a very potent anti-oxidant action and helped to prevent cell damage due to free radicals.

All the information that is provided by Raincure is well documented and supported by the most renowned medical databases in the world. We therefore urge the customers to click on the links below.

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Caution & Side effects

In a laboratory test in Indonesia, 72 rats where administered 25 times the recommended dosage of Cassia Siamea for humans for 3 months. There were no toxicological effect on the internal body organs of any of the test animals such as liver, lung, heart, spleen, kidney and intestine. Other parameters such as SGOT, SGPT, Hb, Ureum and Creatinin of blood serum didn’t show significant differences.

People react differently to medication, including herbs. It`s not wise to take more than the recommended dosage. It is not advisable to use Cassia Siamea for an extended period of time. Cassia Siamea also acts as a laxative. Consult a physician before using if pregnant or nursing.


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