Colloidal Silver Cream


Raincure © colloidal silver cream is antibiotic and consists of 99.99 pure, extremely small nano particles. It is effective for acne, skin infections, eczema, fungus infections, poison oak & ivy, jellyfish burns, sunburn, itching, rashes, shingles and several other conditions.

It can also be used on animals.



Product Description

Colloidal Silver is created by a generator to enable an electro-magnetic process that pulls microscopic particles from a larger piece of silver into  absolutely sterile water. The particles are ionic, and therefore will stay in suspension. The size of our nanosilver is app. 5-10 nanometer. In comparison a bacteria is 0.2 – 10 micrometer in size. A 10 nanometer silver particle is more than 1000 times smaller. That means it can penetrate all tissue, and because of the special enzymes exerted from the pathogens, it will seek them out and suffocate the bacteria, fungi or virus.

By using a colloidal silver cream for topical use, the silver particles will stay in the affected area much longer than liquid silver.

This picture demonstrate how Colloidal silver seeks out and attack a pathogen:


Colloidal Silver is absolutely safe for humans, reptiles, plants and all multi-celled living matter.

Directions: It works best on clean, dry skin. Apply the cream to the affected area at least 3 times a day.



Colloidal silver

Jojoba seed oil

Tea tree oil


Citric acid



Here is some feedbacks from local pepole at Facebook:

31/08/2016 17:43 Johann Cecilia Hanekom

Hi Wiik , just to give some feedback on your product , used on my wives arms and hands , ( sun damaged skin ) the top picture is after 10 days of applying 3 times a day, she said that there is a big improvement in such short time , and are excited to see the improvement for the next 10 days, thank you kindly


03/09/2016 11:34

Paul Nolan  Hi Wiik . My feet are clearing up nicely thanks to you. The thing is I only have enough cream for 1 more week. Could I buy 1 more jar from you? 3 to 4 years trying everything and only your cream is working 

Best regards Paul

25/08/2016 21:33

Hans-Joachim Franck

This is unfuckingbelievable best ever I try

It’s Magic … How much for one, how long I can use it !!!

Vida Ven Ge Ance

Used it twice a day. Can not see that the scaling got any better. Like any other symtomatic treatment. The itching has been noticeable  better, and I have not seen any formation of pus in my psoriasis, which is often bothering me.

+: Easy to apply. Good absorbent. Lasts long. Does not feel greasy.

Terri Tyler
My dog has a problem with his elbow. It was a deep hole/ crevice which itched and cracked so it wouldn’t heal and he wouldn’t stop scratching it! Now it is filled in and paler and looks to be about 50% better already.





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