Cordyceps with L-Arginine & Ginseng 36 capsules


The mixture of Cordyceps, L-Argenine and Ginseng is a extremely powerful energy booster.

Cordyceps sinensis burst into the limelight back in 1993, when the sporting world was amazed by the multiple world records et by Chinese female athletes trained by Mr. Ma Jun Ren, during the 7th Chinese National Athletic Championship in China. Drug testing showed no traces of illegal substances, so sporting industry around the world started to pay very close attention to how these athletes were trained and what they consumed. They found that there were no special training schemes or methods, but after each training session, every athlete would consume a special drink, which contained Cordyceps. It seems that one of the effects of this herb is to enhance the body’s metabolism thus allowing the body to eliminate waste substances and rejuvenate at a much faster rate.

Product Description

Here is some of the benefits of L-Arginine:

Aids in building muscle

Boosts energy

Helps maintain blood sugar levels

Improves blood flow and reduces clogged arteries

Improves sperm count

Promotes burning of body fat

Promotes improved bone density

Reduction of blood pressure

Reduction of vascular and heart disease, stroke and cholesterol risks

Reduction of body fat

L-arginine when combined with oxygen in the body, forms a powerful substance called nitric oxide (NO). In 1998 three American scientists received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research on Nitric Oxide and its cardiovascular benefit of widening blood vessels, hence reducing the risk for a heart attack.

L-arginine can widen blood vessels, reduce platelet stickiness and lower the risk of blood clots that lead to stroke. It helps rid the body of waste products, especially ammonia, keeping the body from ageing too quickly. If the body needs energy, L-arginine can be converted to glucose. It stimulates the release of growth hormone and is involved in protein synthesis.

And not only that; based on hundreds of studies, L-arginine, an essential amino acid and one of the building blocks of proteins in the body, has become known as a safe and effective prosexual nutrient for men and women.


People have been using Ginseng for decades as an all natural energy booster. Ginseng works by nourishing your immune system, while at the same time stimulating the liver to process lactic acid (which causes muscle fatigue during exercise, stress, and that feeling of fatigue), allowing your organs to to function 100 %. It has an even better effect than coffee, but unlike coffee, witch is a drug, Ginseng has no side effects.

All the information that is provided by Raincure is well documented and supported by the most renowned medical databases in the world.

Do not exceed the recomended dosage


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