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Ginger is one of the most interesting and useful herbal health tonics, and one of the easiest to use. Scientists have discovered several compounds in Ginger that have documented effects against common cold viruses. It is anti-inflammatory, improving arthritis, and it is commonly used in Asia to prevent migraines and vertigo.

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Recent research from Denmark, India, and Japan suggests that ginger has a good effect on circulatory health and well-being during menopause and inflammatory processes.

One of gingers remarkable qualities is that it contains over 25 different antioxidants all by itself! Ginger contains a wide variety of antioxidants and is extremely effective at fighting different types of free radicals, all over your body.

Another of the health benefits of ginger is that it aids in the digestion of food. It is also being used as a remedy for morning and motion sickness. It was tested in the Discovery program “Mythbusters” alongside other remedies for motion sickness, and Ginger root was the only one that worked.

Since the beginning of time, ginger root has been used to aid digestion and relieve stomach discomforts. Today ginger is still used to treat digestive and stomach problems such as diarrhea plus many more ailments and viruses such as the common cold and the flu.

Yet another little known fact is that ginger increases testosterone levels and improves sperm quality.


Traditional use of ginger around the world:

 In Burma, ginger and a local sweetener made from palm tree juice (htan nyat) are boiled together and taken to prevent the flu.

In China, ginger is included in several traditional preparations. A drink made with sliced ginger cooked in water with brown sugar or a cola is used as a folk medicine for the common cold. “Ginger eggs” (scrambled eggs with finely diced ginger root) is a common home remedy for coughing. The Chinese also make a kind of dried ginger candy that is fermented in plum juice and sugared, which is also commonly consumed to suppress coughing.

In Congo, ginger is crushed and mixed with mango tree sap to make tangawisi juice, which is considered a panacea.

In India, ginger is applied as a paste to the temples to relieve headache, and consumed when suffering from the common cold. Ginger with lemon and black salt is also used for nausea.

In Indonesia, ginger (jahe in Indonesian) is used as an herbal preparation to reduce fatigue, reducing “winds” in the blood, prevent and cure rheumatism and control poor dietary habits.

In Nepal, ginger is called aduwa, and is widely grown and used throughout the country as a spice for vegetables, used medically to treat cold and also sometimes used to flavor tea.

In the Philippines, ginger is known as luya and is used as a throat lozenge in traditional medicine to relieve sore throat. It is also brewed into a tea known as salabat.

In the United States, ginger is used to prevent motion and morning sickness. It is recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administrationand is sold as an unregulated dietary supplement. Ginger water is also used to avoid heat cramps.

In Peru, ginger is sliced in hot water as an infusion for stomach aches as infusión de Kión.

In Japan it is purported to aid blood circulation. Scientific studies investigating these effects have been inconclusive.  


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Side effects from ginger are rare, but if taken in high doses the herb may cause mild heartburn, diarrhea, and irritation of the mouth. You may be able to avoid some of the mild stomach side effects, such as belching, heartburn, or stomach upset, by taking ginger supplements in capsules. People with gallstones should ask their doctor before taking ginger. Make sure to tell your doctor if you are taking ginger and will be having surgery or placed under anesthesia for any reason. People with heart conditions and people with diabetes should not take ginger without asking their doctors. Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should talk to their doctor before taking ginger. Do not take ginger if you have a bleeding disorder or if you are taking blood-thinning medications, including aspirin.


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