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(NaturalNews) The benefits of glucosamine now appear to extend far beyond joint health: latest results from a large cohort study show that glucosamine users had 18 percent less risk of death from all causes, including 13 percent less risk of cancer death and a stunning 41 percent less risk of death from respiratory diseases, compared to non-users during the follow-up period of the study. (see links)

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Osteoarthritis is characterized by joint degeneration and loss of cartilage. As we get older the ‘wear and tear’ effects of use cause degenerative changes in the cartilage. The cartilage becomes more susceptible to breakdown and damage, which may result in the typical symptoms of osteoarthritis.  These symptoms include decreased mobility, increased joint stiffness and pain.

Glucosamine may help to provide relief from these symptoms, as well as helping to reduce cartilage wear and provide temporary relief of the pain associated with this condition.

Glucosamine supplements are most commonly taken by people suffering from osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and ulcerative colitis.

Several scientific studies have shown that glucosamine supplements may help patients with osteoarthritis (OA), especially OA of the hip or knee.

The studies found that glucosamine probably:

Reduced osteoarthritis-related pain

Improved function in patients with knee or hip osteoarthritis

Reduced stiffness

Reduced swelling in the joints

Continued to provide relief of symptoms up to 3 months after patients stopped treatment


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