Centella Asiatica

GOTU KOLA (Centella Asiatica)


Centella asiatica have been used in the orient since before recorded time. But only recently have  western research, through numerous clinical trials, revealed that Centella asiatica is an extremely important herb with amazing abilities.

The benefits of Centella asiatica are hard to believe, but have been proven in impressive studies. While the most common use of Centella asiatica is for skin repair and renewal, it has also been found to be useful for a whole host of maladies, including stress, asthma, hemorrhoids and even leprosy. The more you learn about Centella asiatica, the more it becomes clear that every person can benefit from it.

Product Description


Brain benefits

Centella asiatica enhances learning, make it easier to concentrate on academic matters, and also improves mental clarity. It is supposed to make hyperactive children calm down.  According to Ayurveda, is Centella helpful in stabilizing the intellect and mind.

According to Alternative Medicine Review (March 2004), ‘Recent research has focused primarily on Centella’s cognitive effects, specifically memory, learning, and concentration, and results support the traditional Ayurvedic claims.’ Researchers from Uttar Pradesh, India, working with Frankston Hospital in Victoria, Australia, also found that Centella showed a supportive effect on memory control and occasional age-associated memory challenges (Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 238-242. 2004).


There is a strong connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease. Research clearly demonstrates abnormally high accumulations of aluminum within the brains of Alzheimer’s victims. Independent studies performed in Norway, the United Kingdom, France and Canada, show a direct correlation between the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and aluminum concentrations in the drinking water.

Centella asiatica may help protect the brain from damage due to toxic metal exposure, according to a study published in the December 2012 issue of the journal “Neurological Sciences.” In the animal study, daily doses of 150 or 300 milligrams per kilogram body weight for six weeks, decreased oxidative stress — the damaging effects of toxins and cellular waste products — caused by aluminum.

The herb also improved memory as well as decreased aluminum levels. Researchers concluded that Centella asiatica shows potential as a natural supplement for protecting against cognitive dysfunction and other forms of nerve damage from exposure to aluminum.


Centella asiatica decreased anxiety in laboratory animals in a study published in the September 2012 issue of the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology.” In the study, researchers observed significant improvements in several stress-induced behaviors in Centella asiatica-supplemented animals. The herb also improved body weight and levels of stress hormones. These preliminary results suggest that Centella asiatica may be a useful, natural means for managing chronic stress.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Studies has shown that Centella asiatica have a good effect against rheumatoid arthritis. The herb contains a plant chemical called madecassosid, and tests have proved that this compound substantially prevented arthritis in mice. Madecassosid is preventing the infiltration of inflammatory cells, and stops the depletion of synovial hyperplasia (lubrication of the joints).

In addition to this, Centella asiatica have ability as a pain killer. According to the study, it`s similar to aspirin but less potent than morphine, and have significantly more anti-inflammatory activity compared to over-the counter pain medication.

All the information that is provided by Raincure is well documented and supported by the most renowned medical databases in the world. We therefore urge the customers to click on the links below.


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Caution: People taking the herb for an extended period of time (up to 6 weeks) should take a 2-week break before taking the herb again. There have been no reports documenting negative interactions between CA and medications to date.


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