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Home Blood Glucometer With 50pcs Test Strips And 50pcs Lancets


Practical and easy to use blood sugar test at home or for professional use.

Model: YZ-I

Brand: Yuyue



YZ-I Glucometer device 1pcs

Test strips: 50pcs

Lancets: 50pcs

Lanc device: 1pcs

English User manual: 1pcs

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Product Description

Yuyue glucose2

1. FDA, CE approved
2. Principle: Amperometric, Glucose oxidase
3. Measuring Range: 20-600mg/dL(1.1-33.3mmol/L)
4. Measuring Time: 8seconds

5. High accuracy: 10%
6. Fast Reading
7. Small blood sample: 1um
8. 250 set Memory(average value of 7days/14days/28days/2months/3months)

9. Bio-Sensor Technology capable to draw blood sample itself from the finger tip.
10. Power: 3V(CR2032) Button Cell(Excluding if the chinapsot airmail reject)
-Operating Temp Range: 10-40C or 50-104F
-Humidity: 20-80% RH
-Auto Power off: After 2 minutes without action.

Yuyue glucose meter

Application: Diabetes patient or normal, hospital.



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