Kaempferia Parviflora3

Kaempferia Parviflora 100 capsules 400 mg


Daily consumption of Kaempferia Parviflora is widely believed to improve erectile function, and in Thailand it is commonly referred to as the “Thai Viagra.” Laboratory testing has shown very positive results; when administered at sufficient dosage over a period of several weeks, KP produces higher levels of nitric oxide in the penis, which is the chemical trigger for an erection.

“Kaempferia parviflora or Thai ginseng is the potential food supplement to enhance muscle strength and aerobic endurance, the important components of health-related physical fitness”, the researchers write. “Therefore, it may also improve health quality of life and decrease risk to fall in the elderly. However, further study is required.”

Product Description

Various dietary supplements and herbal treatments promise an immediate action and short term benefit. None of them, however, emphasize daily consumption and cumulative, ongoing results. With KP the long term benefits include more frequent, longer lasting and more firm erections – with an accompanying feeling of sexual rejuvenation that is mild but stable and consistent – without any negative side effects. This change occurs gradually, with a sense of normalcy, and begins to be felt within 7-10 days (approximately), given twice daily consumption. Natural spontaneity can return to the consumer’s life, as there is no need to schedule sexual relations around taking a pill. The need for pharmaceutical support diminishes and becomes unnecessary over time.

KP has also proved to improve the physical abilities for the elderly. This is a section of the PubMed test: “All assessments were performed every 4 weeks throughout the 8-week study period. The results showed that K. parviflora increased performance in 30-second chair stand test and 6 min walk test together with the increased all scavenger enzymes activities and the decreased MDA level. Therefore, K. parviflora can enhance physical fitness partly via the decreased oxidative stress. In conclusion, K. parviflora is the potential health supplement for elderly. However, further study is required.”






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