Lingzhi extract 100 capsules (Reishi)


Lingzhi or Reishi is a rare mushroom that is called “the elixir of life” in China. It was so highly treasured it was traded for its own weight in gold and only available to Emperors. It is still the most important herb in the Orient and the most thoroughly researched. Ganoderma lucidum is now one of the few mushroom species who’s DNA has been fully sequenced (16,113 genes).

It is used for increasing energy, boosting the immune system and reducing stress. You can ingest it as a tea, tablet, syrup or tincture. It works so well to increase energy levels that many people drink Reishi tea in place of coffee. It contains over 200 active ingredients and unique compounds that are the most biologically active obtainable from any plant source. Its dynamic antioxidant action and immune stimulating effects are why Reishi is so highly valued as a longevity herb and called ‘The Long Life Herb’, ‘The Great Protector’ and even ‘God’s Herb’.

Product Description

Over the past several decades, scientific research has intensified and focused on analyzing the hundreds of unique bio-active compounds found in the medicinal Reishi Mushroom. Just this year alone, three new compounds were discovered. With each new finding, intriguing medical applications for Reishi have emerged.

There is now a wealth of impressive data that demonstrates Reishi’s life extending properties, but also its significant ability to stimulate brain neurons, search and destroy cancer cells, and prevent the development of new fat cells in obese individuals. As an example of growing science supporting Reishi, researchers using laboratory mice have detailed life span extension of 9% to more than 20% —the equivalent of 7 to nearly 16 years in human terms.

As if these targeted benefits were not enough, Reishi’s numerous compounds show a therapeutic effect on asthma, allergies, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, diabetes, liver disease, and more.


Reishi is used to treat cancer because of its ability to enhance the immune system. It helps bolster standard cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It also helps lessen the severity of side effects from these treatments.

According to the University of Pennsylvania’s OncoLink website, Reishi has been shown to slow the growth of prostate cancer cells and may possibly be useful for treating or preventing breast cancer.

Cancer Research UK confirms that the active compounds in Reishi cause a marked increase in the action of macrophages, (macrophages are the ‘big eaters’ of the immune system.)  The study points out, ‘It was evident from clinical trials that Reishi extract significantly enhanced the immune systems of the elderly people taking it’.

More than 90 percent of cancer patients in countries like China and Japan use supplements, including medicinal mushrooms.

All the information that is provided by Raincure is well documented and supported by the most renowned medical databases in the world. We therefore urge the customers to click on the links below.

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Caution: Reishi can cause thinning of the blood and increased blood flow so women who menstruate heavily and persons going into surgery should use with caution. Reishi might interact negatively with certain cancer drugs, and if you have cancer you should take reishi only under the supervision of your doctor.


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