Sea Holly 100 Capsules


Sea holly is a proven expectorant, and as such it has been used for centuries to reduce the phlegm and mucus where stubborn coughs persist. This seashore-loving herb also provides an effective response to a variety of urinary problems, including kidney stones, cystitis, and inflammation of the urethra. Conditions of the uterus and the bladder also diminish under the curative weight of sea holly.

Product Description

Diaphoretic, diuretic, aromatic, stimulant, expectorant. Eryngo promotes a free expectoration and possessing an aromatic principle is very serviceable in debility attendant upon coughs of chronic standing in the advanced stages of pulmonary consumption, in which it has been used in the candied form with great benefit.

It is useful in paralysis and chronic nervous diseases, alike in simple nervousness and in delirium produced by diseases.

Boerhaave, the celebrated Danish physician, much recommended Eryngo, considering that a decoction of the roots, drunk freely, acted on the kidneys and is serviceable in scorbutic complaints. It is used with good results in cases of bladder disease.

The roots are also considered good in obstructions of the liver and in jaundice, operating as a diuretic and a good restorative.

They have been pronounced balsamic, as well as diuretic, old writers telling us that bruised and applied outwardly, they are good for King’s Evil, and that when bruised and boiled in hog’s fat and applied to broken bones, thorns in the flesh, etc., they draw the latter out and heal up the place again, ‘gathering new flesh where it was consumed.’



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